Jalal ul-din Rumi

Jalalulldin Rumi is one of the most loved ones from the world of the mystics. Mystics don't get love because they are nice, handsome or stuff, they receive love because they themselves shower love first. This is the miracle of love, the purest form of it, Show it and "ye shall receive" it back because we all are made of the same love which resonates after getting triggered by those showering love unconditionally. It starts to flow freely all from your body to outside it and then to other beings, with the only condition is that for you to set it free without any hinderance. There are countless number of mystics who teach the path of love and it is for very courageous people. The path of love begins by first loving yourself, just completely. You fill your self with immense love by fully accepting yourself, just like the way you are, just like the way God has made you, with full peace and grace. And then slowly slowly, you are completely filled with love to an extent that you are unable to hold it and it overflows. You are deeply immersed in it and it just reaches whomsoever is in front of you and "captures" him too. Now you have become a part-of love. No, you have become love. There is no difference between love and you, you have been immersed in it fully and your identity has been dissolved. Love has become you and you have become love. It is said that mind stops working in love which is true. If you are feeling it fully, your mind's hold on you gets weaker and weaker, because the real master of your body-the heart has awakened to its potential. Now, mind can no longer work, its illusions can no longer work. And if mind stops working, who will you be? Nobody! Just flowing in the ocean of love. This is the ultimate emotional experience, man is capable to have.(Note, only emotional).

 In the world of Sufis, the ultimate spiritual awakening is achieved by simply "loving God", completely submitting to Him, being completely dissolved, losing your identity and then filling it completely with love. And remember they are loving God and in Islam, it is very strict that you cannot have God assuming any kind of shape or form. How could they even love God so completely, so madly? How is it possible for the material mind to love someone of whom it don't have any image, or characteristics? That's why many Hindus and others might never be able to grasp the profoundness of Sufism and that's also why many intellectuals too might miss it completely. Amidst, the so much confusion and misinterpretation of Sufi texts based on their literal meanings, still they are widely read among those who understand them, who understand the music, who understand the rhythm, who understands their wavelength of consciousness, their boundless joy and among them, there is a man who is incomparable- Rumi.

Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam. It objectively rejects many dogmas from the religion and is aimed at the overall humanity. Sufism is an art, a music. But, music is "haraam" is Islam. Yes, although there are here and there ambiguous verses in Quran for music of beating of drums or Allah and David conversation, but majority of the Islamic scholars prohibits almost all the types of modern music, Yes. But Sufism is on a complete contrast, it very much out of the dogmas and that's why fundamental Muslims are against Sufism. Well, let them stay there, we are not talking about them. Sufis have termed Rumi as Mevlana, i.e. their master. Rumi was born to a Persian speaking family. His father was a theologian and mystic himself but Rumi was going to be at a completely different legacy. He was a preacher for some time till he met the Shams-e-Tabrizi. The meeting spiritually transformed him and even motivated him to begin the inner journey. He was the founder of "Sama", a Sufi dance you probably have observed-

This is a religious practice, path to attain God -Sama. It is said that Rumi when heard the beating of the gold, he found of a rhythm of "there is no god but Allah" and then stretched out in happiness and began whirling. This dance brings man to a kind of drunkard state and to lose his senses. Interpretations can be different. It can be imagined that while whirling around Rumi found his inner self which is static and thus said, "there is no need now to go to mosque". Sama symbolizes the man's journey from ego to ego-free. From selfishness to the joy of love.

He was a great poet, of course with the masterpiece Masnavi to his credit, we will focus on his lovely quotes making us remember our own self, our inner being where God actually is-











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