Hey Women, we are sorry.

Hey, Happy Women's day. We all hope you are at least feeling safe today or probably not. We are very sorry if you do not and we would also like to say sorry for many more things.

We are sorry that we raped you and then blamed you for it-

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We are sorry that when you were travelling we made sure through our stare that every second of yours was disgusting as hell.

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We are sorry we killed you as soon as you were born or many times even before it.

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We are sorry we denied basic education to you because we thought you were best(read:only) suited for household chores.

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We are sorry for the countless number of times we beat you inside home and for the countless number of times again when we heard you cry but didn't call the police leaving you alone.


We are sorry to push you to prostitution and then deny any basic human right to you.



We are sorry to force ourselves upon you, we couldn't even wait for you to get older.



We are sorry we couldn't stand you not accepting our "true" love  and hence threw acids on your face.


We are sorry that we emotionally ruptured you even in the workplace(when we allowed you to go there after all)


We are sorry, we are sorry and we are sorry again. But, hey we do realize it has already gone too far and cannot be fixed by petty sorries. And the worst thing is almost none of them can be called as "practices from the past" because it is happening. It is happening right now in this very moment where you are reading this at some place. Just merely realizing it gives you creeps. 

But there is one promise, we are improving. Please allow us to learn humanity. It may take time, but we for sure will learn it one day. Today is Women's day. Yours day. We hope you to have at least one man in your life who wish you today with heart and full respect. We celebrate this day because we have realized you are special. You are very special to us and to our Mother nature which is why she bestowed upon you some really special gifts which only you have, like-

1) You are beautiful. Like really.

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2) You are kind and nurturing.


3) You deal with opportunities better which is why you are natural leaders.


4) You are far more emotionally aware than us.


5) You are damn intuitive compared to we ego-driven intellectuals.


And we need you because,

And for the matter we are not sorry because we feel guilty for what we have done, we are sorry because we need you. We need you very badly. Yes, we are still greedy enough to want you to forgive us because we need you. You complete us and we complete you. Let's build this world together for a brighter future. Today is the day where we try to forget/correct our mistakes and help shape a better lifestyle.

Yours gratefully,



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