Who am I?

I am studying(or may be trying to) Instrumentation and Control Engineering at Nirma University, Ahmedabad. I am a self-trained web developer (a wannabe novice, technically )trying to sail that skill in a barge amidst thick fumes and tides (Did I tell you I am whimsical in my arguments? :D) Enthusiastic about reading, writing and coding. As per the title,I possess Freedom to Write and I am exploitative in nature!
Nice to see you! Keep Visiting :)

Things about, you can find on this blog-

Around the world

     In "Around the World" section of my blog "Freedom To Write", I write about stuff happening around the world including India which interests me. 


     In "How to tech" section of my blog "Freedom To Write", I write simple tricks which I stumble upon, I hope will help to ease your life.
My articles

            I will continue to cherish my "Freedom To Write" as long as I am alive! Structured and crisp as they are, I share articles I write on a regular basis about various aspects of life and community. 
My Life
"My life" section is a collection about various stuffs happened in my life. I won't be posting day to day incidents but of course some important decisions I took, stuff I like to do, etc.


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